Faithlife Sites


Faithlife Corporation

My Role

Senior User Interface Designer


Shiloh Hubbard, Head of User Interface
Jake Robertson, User Experience Designer
Amber Marsh, User Interface Designer

About the Project

This project is comprised of many parts. Faithlife Sites is essentially a web engine that allows users to create and customize church websites. What makes this product unique from everything else out there is that it synchronizes well with the other suite of Faithlife products: Faithlife Groups, Faithlife Sermons, Proclaim, etc.

I started working on this product in 2017 and we’re still improving it. My involvement in the project has included designing the CMS interface that allows users to edit their website, designing themes for users to pick from and creating the widget UI system to obtain a consistent interface look throughout all of our themes.

Widget Modals

The modals serve as the way the platform gathers information from the user to build their site.


Dashboard Interface

The dashboard serves as the door every user needs to go through to navigate the site editing features.


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Cover Design