Jesus, Gift of God


Mars Hill Church

My Role

Art Director
Graphic Designer


Jeremy Mashburn: Director, Editor & Producer
Screenplay by Marcus Hackler
Music by Ryan Marth

About the project

This Christmas sermon series was based on Matthew 1. During this 5-week series, Mars Hill Church examined the meaning and significance of the various names of Jesus, God's gift to humanity. He is the Son of Abraham and the Son of David. He is the God who saves, the Christ, the Anointed One. He is God with us. The central message of the series was that there is no greater gift to enjoy this Christmas than Jesus himself.


Process: Art

This was a 2-3 month process. It consisted in making sure the design was flexible enough to work in all of the communication channels.

From web to interior design, everything needed to be tested and worked out prior to committing to a specific art direction.


Interior Design

Mars Hill was a multi-site church with 14 different locations. For that reason, we needed to think of an interior design solution that would be flexible enough to fit in different spaces.

In order to create a cohesive experience from the moment attenders parked to the moment they left, the interior design expanded from the entry, through the lobby, to the stage. This thinking needed to be considered for all 14 locations.

To make things a bit more complex, Mars Hill had a video streaming audience of millions, so the stage design also needed to consider camera angles and lighting.