Pedestrian Coffee



Pedestrian Coffee

My Role

Art Director
Graphic Designer
Web Designer


Photography by Mathew Nimmo

About the project

Pedestrian Coffee is a coffee shop based in Chicago, IL. Pedestrian coffee is committed to making great coffee as accessible as possible by offering coffee specifically curated for the way you drink.

Oddly enough, I happen to be a partner in this business and my role includes but is not limited to art direction and the execution for all the visuals our customers engage with: from signage to digital experiences.


Brand Identity System

At Pedestrian we’re trying to reach both the specialty coffee drinker and average cup of joe drinker.

The name Pedestrian came from the idea of “simplicity” while also implying the idea of “everyone is a pedestrian”. The logo was inspired by the famous “walk” sign we see in the streets.

The colors except for the blue came from the traffic light. Through the identity system I will be using this color scheme to identify certain types of coffees aimed at certain types of coffee drinkers,


Collateral Design

Every touch point matters: signage, packaging, stationary & swag. Every touchpoint is an opportunity to tell the Pedestrian story.


Web Design

The Pedestrian website is, for the grand majority of our customer base, the only touchpoint they experience.

My job was to create a memorable experience while keeping it “pedestrian”.

On the website I aimed at presenting ourselves in an approachable way. One of the ways we achieved that was by hiring copywriter Pip Craighead to help find our tone of voice.


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